INVIZ DARK 150m PoE powered IR LED illuminator, 940nm.


The INVIZ DARK range emits Infrared in the 940nm range. Unlike 850nm infrared illuminators that produce a faint red glow at the LED, the INVIZ DARK has no red glow. However, your camera will need to be sensitive to 940nm, or the range of the illuminator could be reduced by between 20 and 30 percent. Operation of the INVIZ DARK infrared illuminator is via the internal day/night switch or contact input. The high-performance internal POE power supply drives the infrared LEDs at constant current guaranteeing zero camera flicker and a well-illuminated camera video image.

Product Part Code: POE-D9IR24W-150M
Product Description: 150m PoE powered IR LED illuminator, 940nm
Technical Specifications:  
Total radiant flux: 3960 mW
Typ. Viewing angle: 10 degrees
Peak wavelength: 950 nm
Centroid wavelength: 940 nm
Maximum distance: 150 m **
LEDs: 4
Standard: IEEE802.3at
Classification: 2-Event Classification Recognition
Class: 4
Power consumption: 25 Watt
Protection: Under-voltage and Overvoltage Lockout
  Comprehensive Thermal Protection
Typ. operating voltage: 48V
Maximum operating voltage: 60V
Turn-On voltage: 37.5V
Over-voltage lockout: 70V
Under-voltage lockout: 30V
Modes of operation:  
Automatic: Internal Day/Night sensor
Manual: Aux. Contact
Enclosure rating: IP66
Enclosure material: Aluminium
Operating temperature: -20°C to 75°C
Dimensions (mm): 164 x 199 x 38
  ** Your CCTV camera must be sensitive to the 940nm infrared wavelength to achieve the quoted distance.
  *** Product specifications are subject to change without notice

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