freakin bright floodlight

freakin bright floodlight


freakin bright floodlights deliver 65% more light from 45% less power compared to conventional technologies.

freakin bright floodlights are available with and without lenses. This allows you to match your lighting to the required area. Thus, if you have a narrow space for illumination, we can fit the freakin bright floodlight with 20-degree lenses, allowing you to achieve a greater illumination distance for a narrow area. This works particularly well for perimeter fence illumination. Without lenses our freakin bright floodlight has a light distribution angle of 120 degrees making it well suited for general lighting.

Works on all CCTV cameras
freakin bright floodlights are specifically designed to work with all CCTV cameras, making your CCTV video images more pop with life-like colours.

Indefinite lifespan
freakin bright floodlights have an indefinite lifespan, requiring a full service only every six years, moving your business away from the short-lived throw-away nature of our society.

freakin bright flood light eye safety
The safety of your staff and guests is of paramount importance to us at freakin bright lights which is why we ensure that they comply to IEC TR 62778:2014 (Second Edition). This means that freakin bright high bay lights fall into the low-risk category.


Warning!   These devices emit highly concentrated visible light which may cause headaches. Do not look directly into any LED light at close range.
Product Part Code: LED-W88
Product Description: 11200 Lumen freakin bright floodlight
Technical Specifications:  
Typ. Brightness / flux (lm): 11200 Lumen
Typ. Viewing angle: 120, 60, 30 or 20 degrees
Typ. CCT: 4000K, 5000K, 6500K
Typ. Efficacy (lm/W): 252
LEDs: 8
Mains input: 180 to 250VAC
Frequency: 50Hz
Power consumption: 88 Watts
Enclosure rating: IP66
Enclosure material: Aluminium
Operating temperature: -20°C to 70°C
Dimensions (mm): 400 x 600 x 70
Part Codes and Ordering Information:  
LED-W88-4K63 4000K, 60 to 30 degree lenses
LED-W88-4K32 4000K, 30 to 20 degree lenses
LED-W88-4K120 4000K, 120 degree lenses
LED-W88-4K60 4000K, 60 degree lenses
LED-W88-4K30 4000K, 30 degree lenses
LED-W88-4K20 4000K, 20 degree lenses
LED-W88-5K63 5000K, 60 to 30 degree lenses
LED-W88-5K32 5000K, 30 to 20 degree lenses
LED-W88-5K120 5000K, 120 degree lenses
LED-W88-5K60 5000K, 60 degree lenses
LED-W88-5K30 5000K, 30 degree lenses
LED-W88-5K20 5000K, 20 degree lenses
  *** Product specifications are subject to change without notice
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