Optical Wiegand Isolator for D0 and D1.


The I-WIE2 is an optical isolator. In an optical isolator, the electrical signal is converted to light. This light is then transmitted across an air-gap, received and converted back to an electrical signal. The size of the air-gap determines the isolation rating of the device. It is the same principle as in the case of fibre optic transmission. We have found that surge protection is ineffective for the Wiegand ports of access control and biometric readers; thus we developed our optical isolator for you.


Resistively coupled transients cause most of the lightning damage to electronics and electrical equipment. These transients are caused by a difference in potential between two connected electrical earth points.

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Product Part Code: I-WIE2
Product Description: Optical Wiegand Isolator for D0 and D1
Technical Specifications:  
Data Isolation:  
Maximum speed: 10Mbps
Isolation: 5000Vrms for 1 minute
Transient immunity: Common mode transient immunity 15000V/µs at Vcm 1000V
Internal Power Supply Isolation:  
Isolation: 2000Vrms
Power supply: 12Vdc 100mA
Operating temperature: -20°C to 65°C
Operating humidity: 0% to 95%; non-condensing
Dimensions (mm): 93 x 29 x 50
  *** Product specifications are subject to change without notice

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