Single port Half Duplex RS-485 or Simplex RS-422 with Surge Blocker Technology.


The DSA-01HP features a hybrid of Surge Blocker technology and conventional Gas-Discharge-Tubes. The Surge Blocker technology will trip in less than 1 microsecond when the surge current reaches 750mA. BFR Digital's Surge Blockers, block surges and provide an effective barrier behind which sensitive electronics will not be exposed to large voltages or currents during surge events. After the surge event, the Surge Blocking Device will automatically reset. The top-end protection is via GDT (Gas-Discharge-Tubes). The DSA-01HP needs an electrical earth connection onto which the surge energy is safely discharged.


Warning!   As both ends of the data communication cable need protection, this may introduce resistively coupled transients in your system.

Resistively coupled transients cause most of the lightning damage to electronics and electrical equipment. These transients are caused by a difference in potential between two connected electrical earth points.

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Product Part Code: DSA-01HP
Product Description: Single port Half Duplex RS-485 or Simplex RS-422 with Surge Blocker Technology.
Technical Specifications:  
Data Input: 4-way removable push-in terminal
Data Output: 4-way removable push-in terminal
Grounding: On 4-way removable terminal (requires connection to a good electrical earth)
Standard: TIA/EIA-485
RS-485 maximum data rate: 10Mbps
Operating voltage levels: -7V to +12V
Maximum voltage: 24V
Maximum operating current: 500mA
Maximum continuous AC Vrms: 100V
Peak impulse voltage: 250V (<10ms)
Maximum electrostatic discharge: 8kV
Time - operating mode to protected state: 1µs
Maximum discharge current: 10KA
Maximum impulse breakdown: 450V (100V/µs)
Impulse life (10/1000µs): 400 times
Operating temperature: -40°C to 70°C
Operating humidity: 0% to 95%; non-condensing
Dimensions (mm): 80 x 50 x 23
  *** Product specifications are subject to change without notice

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