5 simple steps to protecting your electronic systems from the destructive power of lightning.

It's lightning season again here on the highveld! Are your CCTV, access control and IT systems ready for the destructive power and disruptive effects of the African Thunderstorms?

Here is a simple 5 step checklist:

  1. Are both ends of the signal cable protected?
  2. Is the system's 220 volts mains supply protected?
  3. Does your system have multiple earthing points? Then Equipotential Earth Bonding may be necessary.
  4. Do you understand what the components in your surge arrester do? Do you know the component ratings needed to prevent damage on the highveld? Know what you are buying and buy quality surge arresters!
  5. Did you know that Surge Blockers simplify the installation by doing away with the need for Earthing and Equipotential Earth Bonding? Simplify the installation with Surge Blockers.

Surge protection is an all-in affair. It won't work if you don't install all the components.

With the economic challenges, we face it is now more important than ever to protect our electronic infrastructure!

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