Surge Blockers save client 1 million Rand and land him a multi million Rand deal!

In 2018 a client came to me. He was busy doing an installation at a house in Westcliff, Johannesburg. He had installed all the cabling for the CCTV and the IT wireless access points but had forgotten about the lightning protection. In particular, had forgotten to install the earth wiring required for the lightning protection and all the conduits were set in concrete.

Also, Westcliff is situated at the top of a hill and prone to lightning strikes. And necessity being the mother of invention, I developed the Surge Blockers for him.

Surge Blockers are a range of lightning protectors that do not need an electrical earth connection.

Fast forward to 2019, I'm sitting at home thinking I have this new Surge Blocker technology but how do I tell people about it? How do I show people that it works? My wife suggests that I make a video, can you believe it? Introverted me making a video! Anyway, what's there to lose? So, I make two low budget videos with my cell phone.

So far, one has had 130 views and the other 60 views. Not a roaring success but they have increased sales from nothing to sales of 400 units last month.

Then an old client calls me out of the blue. He wanted to know what magic trick I used in the video. I said come have a look at the lightning simulation test for yourself.

After confirming the simulation for himself, he revised a deal he had been working by removing all the surge arresters, earth rods and earthing conductors. And replaced it with Surge Blockers, this saved R11,000 per perimeter camera and R1,023,000 across 93 cameras. This saving has helped him close a multi-million Rand deal.

If you are in Johannesburg and want to see my jig in-person, drop me a line.

But, if you rely on lightning to damage your client's equipment so that you have repeat business from them, then these products are not for you.

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P.S. In these tough economic times, people are always looking to save or reduce costs. One way they do this is by removing the lightning protection, but in South Africa, lightning protection is not a luxury. It is a necessity.